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What is Integral Economic Development?

Integral economic development is an approach that seeks to strengthen the civil and social institutions required for sustainable development, one that takes an integrated view of the person's role in society. It is an approach which development entities increasingly demand. Integral economic development, seen from the perspective of the whole human person, and the whole human community, is at the core of our programs and the mission of The Catholic University of America.

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M.A. in Integral Economic
Development Management

  • One year program full-time, with part-time option.
  • Uses innovative measures and an integrated approach to evaluate the impact and effectiveness of development programs.
  • Teaches applied management and economics.

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M.A. in Integral Economic
Development Policy

  • Two year program full-time, with part-time option.
  • Pioneers the implementation of an integrated approach on economic development policy.
  • Teaches applied policy and economic techniques in an integral framework of development.

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From the Program Chair

Dr. AguirreDear IED Programs faculty, staff, and students,

As we begin a new year and the 2015 Spring semester, I wanted to Welcome! each and all of you. We have ahead of us a new opportunity to continue building the integral economic development approach while contributing to so many worthy efforts to generate sustainable development around the world. We look forward to seeing you and working with you in the upcoming months.

Best wishes for a fruitful 2015!

Dr Maria Sophia Aguirre


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