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What is Integral Economic Development™?

Integral economic development is an approach that seeks to strengthen the civil and social institutions required for sustainable development, one that takes an integrated view of the person's role in society. It is an approach which development entities increasingly demand. Integral economic development, seen from the perspective of the whole human person, and the whole human community, is at the core of our programs and the mission of The Catholic University of America.

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Faculty Who Are Experts In Development and Global Student Body

Our faculty members are pioneers in the field of integral economic development and bring their extensive knowledge and expertise to our programs. Learn more about our:

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IEDM and IEDP graduate students discuss their ARP project and experience. 



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The Hands-On Applied Research Projects (ARPs)

IEDM and IEDP graduate students utilize impact evaluation as a tool to understand and promote sustainable development. 

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From the Program Chair

Dear IED Programs faculty, staff, and students,

"Welcome to the most innovative and rigorous graduate program in international development! If you are a prospective student, we invite you to join a select group of students who are becoming leaders in the development field. Our professors are renown experts eager to work with you. In addition to learning the most advanced theories and best practices in international development, you will have a direct opportunity to apply them in your applied research project (ARP) under the guidance of your professors.
Best wishes,"
Dr  Martha Cruz Zuniga

Introducing one of our most distinguished professors, Dr. Maria Sophia Aguirre.

We look forward to working with you in making a real contribution towards achieving a development that is indeed sustainable because it is truly human. At the IEDP we take seriously the fact that it is the person, who is social by nature, who needs to be the agent of change and who is at the center of sustainable development. Thus, we incorporate in their design, implementation, and evaluations immediate and long-term institutional measurable outcomes."


"Leaders in Development" Seminars
Casey Dunning
Director Results & Learning Department of Policy & Evaluation, MCC, Washington, D.C.
Peter M. Levine
Senior Associate,Abt Associates,Inc Washington, D.C.
Shaima Gargash
Head of communications UAE-Embassy, Washington, D.C
Patience Fielding  Ph.D
The Salvation Army World Service
Dr. Harry Patrinos
Practice Manager, Education -The World Bank
Damian Von Stauffenberg 
Founder and Chairman of the Board "Microate, Inc"
Jennifer Mansey
Public Policy Officer, International Labor Organization(ILO)
David M.Leege, Ph.D
Director, University Engagement and Research, CRS- "The New Global Agriculture and Environment Strategy in Economic Development"
Dr.Eugenio Diaz Bonilla
Head of Latin America & Caribbean Program, IFPRI -"Authentic Economic Development, Public Policies and Institutions"
Mr. Roman Ponos,Vice President, IMPAQ- International Development Division
Mr. Trevor Davies, Global Head, International Development Assistance Service Institute -KPPMG LLP,USA
Nolvia Saca, Ph.D - 
"Systemic Banking Crisis: Lesson From The Global Financial Crisis"
Mr.Jingdong Hua,Vice President Treasurer - International Finance Corporation
Martha Cruz-Zuniga, Ph.D - The Applied Researc Project 
Hon. Maria Sophia Aguirre, Ph.D - Integral Economic Development 
These events are open to public and refreshments will be provided.

Time: 5:10 P.M. - 6:25 P.M.

Place: McMahon Hall, Room 200


  • West Bank Trip

    On May 21, lead by Dr. Maria Aguirre a team of IED students: Estefania Cohn, Andrea Vazquez and Selamawit Bekele traveled to the WestBank region. The field trip was conducted as part of an impact evaluation of a Maternal Health project run by the Holy Family Hospital in Bethlehem, Palestine.

  • Dr. Cruz's trip to India

    Last month, Dr.Cruz traveled to Chennai, India to participate in discussions with CRS about ongoing research projects and results of assessment, as well as about future cooperation.